I’m an adult autistic person, and this is where I write about autism.

I write because, since I began learning about autism, I have found a distressing amount of malicious misinformation, egoistic experts, superficial stereotypes, unprofessional professionals, perplexed parents, callous cruelty and obscene over-generalisations. I hope to do my part in correcting this; in making the world a better place for my kind.

Note that Reflections is no longer being updated, but is kept up because some bits of it may still be useful to people.


Unless specifically noted, my writings reflect my personal views, thoughts and opinions. I do not claim to speak for anyone but myself. That doesn’t mean I won’t report what others are saying, but I will not claim to speak for them.

It is quite likely that various other people, autistic or not, will agree with what I write. This simply means that we agree on some points. It does not make me their spokesperson. Also, while I do report the opinions of others, what you get are my views of these opinions.

On this site, I link to a lot of other places relevant to whatever topic is being addressed. Merely linking to a site does not mean I agree with everything, or for that matter anything at all, of what they are saying. If I agree or disagree with something, I will usually say so. If I haven’t said anything, you may not assume what my stance is.

You are, however, quite welcome to ask.

Thoughts & essays

Autism does not mean…
Countering some commonly held beliefs.

Dear ableist
A response to the Ashley Treatment.

On Multitasking A reflection on multitasking vs. automation

Speaking of speech
On speech and communication.

The diagnostic spectrum
Describing the psychiatric label scoreboard.

The difference slot
On being different in more than one way.